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Welcome to the Fluid Motion Community!  

You can join the Open Community board for free and have access to the discussion area, monthly training exercises, training articles, and more! 

If you would like exclusive access to 100's of training videos, lectures, as well as live events, you can also subscribe to the Coaching Group! 

 When you subscribe to the Coaching Group you don't just get access to the current month's videos, articles, and live events, you can also view ALL of the content from the start of the group in April 2020!

This is a monthly subscription that you can join and cancel at any time. No long-termcommitments!

Each month members will have access to exclusive videos and lectures from both Amanda and Jimmy, from training to course reviews and analysis.

Members of this group also have access to multiple downloads including past webinars with topics like Contact Training Foundations, Why the Distance is Last, Teaching Weaves - The 2-3-4 Method, Cues and Connection, Course Analysis, and more!

Members also have access to On Demand 6 week classes from Amanda. All of these classes can be done at your own pace, or you can follow along and submit homework videos when the classes are run live.

Current On Demand Classes available:

Consistent Contacts 

Intro to Directionals

Intro to Distance

Confidence Games

Advanced Distance and Directionals 

NADAC Stakes

Skills and Drills 

Canine Massage 101 (Coming Spring 2023) 

Teaching Weaves - The 2-3-4 Method ( Coming Spring 2023) 

Plan Information

Fluid Motion Coaching Group  - $20 per month

Full Access to the Fluid Motion Coaching Group!  

This subscription lets you view all of the classes, live chats, workshops, video lessons, downloads, and more. 

Working Plan Add On  - $10 per month add-on 

You can subscribe to the Working Plan Add-On to have the ability to post up to 10 minutes of personal video for review per month. 

You can subscribe to the Working Plan Add-On within the Community.